Supergirl Moving to CW According to Recent Rumors

supergirl moving to cwIs Supergirl moving to CW? If recent rumors are to be believed, the show may be changing networks along with some budget cuts. This can be good though.

Both CBS and Warner Bros. are interested in bringing the show back for another season, but the show’s budget is causing some issues. According to The Wrap, a single episode costs about $3 million to produce. Sadly, the show just isn’t making enough in ratings to make up for it.

Even though the show premiered with about thirteen million viewers back in October, the show slowly lost about half of that audience throughout the season.

Adding to the rumor is that the show has not yet announced a second season, despite the fact that CBS will be announcing its fall schedule in two short weeks. Luckily, there is another solution.

The CW is owned by both CBS and Warner Bros. If all else fails, they could have Supergirl join the likes of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. All of these shows were created by the same team, so it isn’t unlikely. Additionally, The Flash recently made an appearance on the CBS show. Supergirl moving to CW could mean a lot more crossovers between the various superhero shoes.

The only real issue with this decision is that CW doesn’t offer much in the way of big budgets. The show would definitely see some cutbacks in order to make a second season possible. That being said, shows like The Flash and especially Legends of Tomorrow have looked surprisingly good even with so many powers to show off.

Personally, we don’t think that Supergirl looked much better visually than its CW counterparts, and that’s just a testament to CW’s quality. Whatever happens in the next two weeks, we just hope our caped heroine makes a return this fall.

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