Marvel Reveals New Warriors TV Series Character Roster

Freeform has announced the entire character roster for Marvel’s new TV series, New Warriors. These include the already known Squirrel Girl (my apologies for my slightly misleading title), Microbe, Night Thrasher, Mister Immortal, Debrii and Speedball. Microbe has the ability to talk to germs, Night Thrasher has no special power, Mister Immortal is just that, Debrii is a “low level telekinetic,” and Speedball can shoot balls of energy.Marvel Reveals New Warriors TV Series Character Roster

With these somewhat lacklustre powers, the team of young adults are out to save the world and do good wherever they roam. To the adults in the room, welcome to your new kids show. It is Marvel’s gift to you for successfully ignoring Cailou‘s existence. Three cheers and at least as many glasses of wine, everyone.

Kevin Biegel (best known for his work on Cougar Town and Scrubs) will be the writer and executive producer, along with Jeph Loeb, Jim Chory (each known for their work on The Punisher and The Defenders). Biegel doesn’t seem like he has the best track record to be running a kids show, as most of his movies seem to feature less than feminist themes. But who knows, a writer isn’t always completely in charge of their work.

New Warriors will have ten episodes thus far, and will be released sometime in 2018. Will you be checking it out and raising a glass to what will hopefully be a witty kids show? Let us know in the comments below!


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