WATCH: Voltron Legendary Defender Trailer #1

Voltron Legendary Defender marks the return of a childhood classic and it feels so right. If it is half as good as it looks, we are all in for a treat.

This new Netflix show from the good people at Dreamworks is bringing back the universes greatest protector for a new generation. For those who missed out the first time around, Voltron centers around five teenagers who get transported from Earth into the center of an epic intergalactic war. They are bestowed with five giant, robotic lions to use against evil. With ultimate teamwork, they combine into the great warrior Voltron.

One thing to note is the distinct art style for the show. If you pay attention, you should be able to immediately recognize that this is the same animation team behind Legend of Korra. In fact, it looks like Studio Mir is behind more than just the animation. Practically everyone from producers down to writers has previously worked on the critically acclaimed series. This is great news for anyone, including ourselves, that may have doubted the quality of this new series.Voltron Legendary DefenderWhat is also interesting is that the episode structure will work a bit differently this time around. Rather than just releasing 13 or so episodes as Netflix typically does, they are trying something new. The first “episode” will be an hour-long origin story called The Rise of Voltron. Following that will be 10 normal-length episodes.

After watching the new trailer for Voltron Legendary Defender, we hope that you are as excited for the revival as we are. With a fantastic creative team, we have no doubt that this will be a quality show. Tune in on June 10 for some robot lion action.

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