DC Comics Powerless Comedy Picked Up by NBC

DC Comics Powerless ComedyThe DC Comics Powerless series has been picked up by NBC for a 2016-2017 season. Get ready for this comedy about those who aren’t the heroes.

This new show is still set in the DC universe, but instead of focusing on the superheroes and villains, it focuses on people like us. It has been described as an office comedy about average employees at an insurance company.

We definitely think this feels like a nice change of pace. Superheroes have become really big on TV thanks to shows like The Flash or Supergirl. Even streaming services like Netflix are getting in on the mix with Daredevil and more.

What is interesting is that NBC has passed on superhero shows before. Constantine only lasted for one season. With the change in tone, NBC probably saw Powerless as a more attractive option.

We just hope that the show stays focused on the powerless. When Gotham was first announced, we hoped for a series without Batman or all his famous villains. It was supposed to be a show about the police force before Batman existed. Our fingers are crossed that Powerless isn’t hit with the same fate.

Will you be watching the DC Comics Powerless this fall? We certainly will be checking it out. With DC’s track record, it is hard to think of it failing.

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