Doctor Who’s First Female Doctor is Jodie Whittaker

The next doctor will be Doctor Who’s first female doctor.

Following the footsteps of the last doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, comes the 13th doctor (if you’re going by the newer seasons, not the one that ended in 1989). She will be played by Jodie Whittaker, who is most recently known for her work in Boardchurch, a BBC drama. If you thought maybe you’ve seen her before somewhere else more American, she was also in Black Mirror, Netflix’s horror series.Doctor Who Gets Female Doctor

As some fans have been saying, it only took 13, more if you count the older series. Apparently folks have been campaigning to have a woman in the role of the famed doctor for years, instead of just the companion. These same folks have also wanted a person of color to take the role, but it seems BBC is taking it one step at a time.

The fan reception has certainly been positive for the most part. In fact, it might even bring old fans back who may have left due to the lack of risks the show takes. Perhaps having a woman as the doctor will be enough of a risk for that audience, though it is entirely possible the show will still be written the same way without taking into account the new changes.

Personally, I don’t have much faith that the writers of Doctor Who will make those changes. They’ve been going on the unrequited love fuel between the doctor and his companion for far too long. It doesn’t seem likely that this will change anytime soon.

Such criticism is the least of the new problems a female doctor brings, however, as some fans are struggling to understand how a such a change fits into the show’s lore. The doctor has always changed his form after a certain amount of time, but he’s always kept with the same gender and skin color. And if each doctor is more less the same person as before, surely his gender is a part of that personality.

There are certainly many questions that need to be answered. Hopefully the writers of the show won’t brush it off as yet another fun and exciting change the doctor is capable of.

Whittaker’s doctor will probably make her debut in the Christmas special.

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