Westworld Season 2 Casts Viking Star

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Westworld has added a star from the Vikings show as well as a star from Tyrant. Gustaf Skarsgard played the part of Floki in Vikings and will be joining Westworld as Karl Strand. Strand is a new character to the show, described as “a white-collar guy comfortable in the field.” Fares played the part of Fauzi Nadal in Tyrant and will be taking on the role of Antoine Costa. Costa is “a tech expert with an objective perspective.” When the description for a character rhymes, surely you can’t go wrong. Both Fares and Skarsgard will be making regular appearances in Westworld season 2, along with returning star Betty Gabriel (Good Girls Revolt).Westworld Season 2 Casts Viking Star

Gabriel will be returning to her role as Maling, a character doing her best to bring order to chaos. It is implied that these three will be making up a team within the “unpredictable environment” of Westworld. An understatement to be sure, especially with the rather wild cliffhanger the first season left off with. For those who haven’t joined the Westworld fan wagon yet, keep in mind that our beloved Anthony Hopkins likely won’t be a part of season 2. He has been the face of the show for so long, it is difficult to see him go, but it seems the story demanded it and his departure was certainly a shock to all.

After Skarsgard, Fares, and Gabriel, returning regulars thus far include Katja Herbers as Grace, Neil Jackson as Nicholas, and Johnathan Tucker as Maj. Craddock. Unlike Robert Ford, their stories will continue into season 2, as the plot thickens and the once apparently harmless park grows more and more dangerous with each passing episode.

Westworld season 2’s filming and production began in July and is thus scheduled to release next year, though no exact date has been stated.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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