Jessica Jones Season 2: David Tennant Returns

Marvel has not made it clear if Tennant will be returning to his role as Kilgrave.

David Tennant, the actor made famous in North America by his legendary role in the revived Doctor Who series (which now stars a female doctor played by Jodie Whittaker, much to the cheers and disagreement of many audiences and fans).

Since playing the Doctor in Doctor Who, Tennant has moved on to several other projects, one of them being the part of Kilgrave in the Netflix series Jessica Jones.David Tennant Returning For Jessica Jones Season 2

Kilgrave appeared briefly in the first season of the show, as the highly manipulative villain. Kilgrave’s powers involve mind control, which he used frequently to torment the lovely Ms. Jones, as played by Krysten Ritter. Until, of course, she’d had enough and called it quits. To the point that most fans were fairly sure Kilgrave had no chance of coming back.

But it seems that Ms. Jones did not quite finish the job well enough, as Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that David Tennant will be returning. Marvel has not made it clear if Tennant will be returning to his role as Kilgrave, or the details of Kilgrave’s supposed return. Is the villain still alive after all? Did Jessica really kill him after all, or was it all a very cathartic illusion? How deep down the rabbit hole did Kilgrave really lead Jessica?

Of course, there are far more questions than answers. All we’ve got right now is a photo of the two actors, Ritter and Tennant, clearly wearing their respective roles well. Tennant, as always, is more than capable of giving out that chilling stare that made Kilgrave such a great villain. Though after the extent the show went to humanize Kingpin, it was a little disappointing to see him replaced by such undeniable and unsympathetic evil. If you’ve ever dealt with an emotionally manipulative person, you know how much deeper the villainy of Kilgrave goes than Kingpin.

Jessica Jones is set to return to Netflix in early 2018, no exact date has been released.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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