Stranger Things Season 3 Details Teased

Season 3 will not necessarily "be bigger in scale" but focused on the characters.

In an interview with IndieWire, the creators of Stranger Things Ross and Matt Duffer revealed a few details on upcoming third season. Though Netflix hasn’t officially greenlit season three, the Duffer brothers are excited to be “working with some writers” to figure out where season 3 is going to go.Stranger Things Season 3 Details Teased

According to these talented creators, they plan on the upcoming season to be “something almost weirdly intimate.” Meaning that there will be more focus on the characters of the show and the “interesting journey” they go on. It’s going to be “a lot of fun.”

The creators are certainly excited about all the possibilities, eager to bounce “around cool ideas” in this early stage of writing. Again, season 3 will not necessarily “be bigger in scale” but focused on the characters.

For those who fell in love with Erica in season 2, the Duffers reassure us that not only will she be back, but there will be more of her. Apparently upon bursting into the writers’ room for season three, one of the first things they said was “we got to use more Erica.”

In addition, the Duffer brothers have stated that they are looking forward to how to story will evolve as the young actors are grow into increasing maturity. There’s no stopping it and they “love the fact that [the actors] are going through adolescence.” More so that it “forces the show to evolve” and adolescence “is a very dramatic part of your life.”

The rest of the interview talks about what inspired the Duffers, like Tim Burton’s Batman. The latter actually introduced them to filmmaking and something we might see a reference to in future episodes.

As to the conclusion of the series, Matt Duffer states that “we are still trying to figure out how to tell an eight or nine-hour story.” They hope to “get it just right” when the final season of Stranger Things comes around.

Source: IndieWire

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