Hulu is Coming to the Nintendo Switch Today

Let the streaming begin

Out of nowhere, Nintendo has announced that Hulu is coming to the Nintendo Switch – today.

Hulu represents the first video streaming app to hit Nintendo’s latest platform in the United States. The company’s Vice President, Richard Irving, touting the app’s arrival on Nintendo’s successful new console via the Hulu blog:

“We are very proud to announce that Hulu is the first US streaming entertainment service to debut on Nintendo Switch! Beginning later today, Hulu subscribers will now be able to use their Nintendo Switch to stream all of their favorite TV whether they’re at home or on the go.

The next time you start up your Switch, you’ll be able to download Hulu directly from the Nintendo eShop and immediately dive into the new, deeply personalized Hulu experience. You’ll be able to enjoy both our traditional on-demand subscription as well as our Hulu with Live TV plan and watch live and on-demand programming from more than 50 of the top news, sports and entertainment channels including all five of the major U.S. broadcast networks, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, FX, Bravo, TNT, A&E and more.”

It’s been over six months since the Switch’s release in March. People have been wondering what was taking streaming services so long to get themselves onto the console, but those questions can now cease. Well, at least as far as Hulu subscribers go. There is still no word as to when the other big streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon plan to get onto the Switch, if at all.

Hulu has two largely different offerings these days. Their base package of streaming programs begins at $7.99. However, they also now offer the $39.99 Live TV plan that gets you access to all the networks that Irving mentioned in his statement above.

While some might argue that it’s much simpler to just watch Hulu, Netflix and Amazon on your phone while on the go, the Switch does have its perks. The device offers a pretty nice 720p screen that measures a sizable 6.5 inches. The new iPhone X for example has a screen that measures 5.8 inches. And you certainly can’t play Super Mario Odyssey on that spiffy new iPhone.


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