Mr. Robot Season Four Confirmed

Mr. Robot is here to question our current state of ideals.

USA Network has announced that Mr. Robot has been approved for season 4. The story of corruption and consumerism continues, and hopefully Elliot will find a way to dethrone materialism. Though if he did, we might not have a show anymore.Mr. Robot Season Four Confirmed

If you don’t already know, or only watch shows that appear on Netflix, Mr. Robot is a show that stars Rami Malek and Christian Slater. They play the characters of Elliot Anderson and Mr. Robot, the latter being a split personality of Elliot’s and a manifestation of his father.

As mentioned before, this series is centered around the influences of E Corp (an evil corporation) on various peoples lives. For example, Elliot is a hacker struggling against his own mental health and trying to understand the consumerist world around him, where as Angela Moss (played by Portia Doubleday) is a wealthy employee of E Corp and often driven to extreme action to maintain her position, or a variety of other confusing reasons. Her motives are not exactly clear but not to worry, they aren’t clear to the character either.

The show is certainly complex and would certainly appeal to any who have watched Black Mirror and wanted to linger on episodes like The Waldo Moment or Nosedive. Mr. Robot confronts a lot of similar issues, though it does not necessarily answer or provide solutions. The show is here to question our current state of ideals and philosophies, not provide solutions. Those conclusions must be your own, whatever they maybe.

Mr. Robot also stars Carly Chaikin (as Darlene), Martin Wallström (Tyrell Wellick), Grace Gummer (Dominique DiPierro), Michael Cristofer (Philip Price), and BD Wong (Whiterose). All the characters certainly have revealing names akin to their role in the show.

The last episode for season three of Mr. Robot airs tonight on USA Network, and there is no mention as to when the fourth season is expected to be released.


Source Variety
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