Lost In Space Premiering April 13 On Netflix

Netflix has officially announced Lost In Space, a “modern reimagining” of the 1960s version of the same title. The premise of both is the same, set 30 years in the future when space colonization is a reality. The Robinson family are one the families tested to be one of these colonizers. The specific planet is not mentioned, though in the original show it was a planet circling the star Alpha Centauri.

A planet that does not exist in real life, as far as we know. Alpha Centauri is part of the closest solar system to ours, however, it is one of three suns in that system.

Alpha Centauri is the largest of them and the other stars reside in the Goldilocks zone of Alpha Centauri. Meaning that a habitable planet sharing that orbit would burn to a crisp before it has much of a chance to form.

But this is space! Anything can happen! Including the Robinson’s ship suddenly veering off course and but the end of it, they are light years from Alpha Centauri. They land on a foreign planet and they are on their own in terms of survival and surviving each other.

This includes the nefarious characters Dr. Smith (as played by Parker Posey) and Don West (as played by Ignacio Serricchio). Dr. Smith has charisma points through the roof, he is “a master manipulator with an inscrutable end game.” West, a blue-collar contractor, is the only one that has no intention of joining the colony in the first place. Though he certainly didn’t want to crash land on some unknown planet either.

Whether the family of Robinsons are innocent or not is debatable, even if they brought their three children along. Dr. Smith, at least in the original, is probably the most interesting character to watch. He acts both the coward and charismatic leader whenever it suits him.

Do you think Lost In Space needed to be reimagined from the original? Will this help renew interest in the original or will it give the newer generation a chance to get to know a modern version of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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