Stephen King’s The Bone Church TV Series In The Works

According to Deadline, Cedar Park Entertainment will be developing Stephen King’s The Bone Church into a TV series. The Bone Church is a narrative poem King wrote back in the 60s but was not published until 2009 for the November issue of Playboy.A promotional illustration for The Bone Church by Stephen King

The story is told from the point of view of a character sitting at a bar, telling his story to someone who is presumably the bartender.

He explains that he was part of an expedition into an unexplored jungle area in order to find the Bone Church. Only three survive in the end, and they were witness to a mysterious supernatural experience.

To be fair, The Bone Church sounds like it could turn into a TV series a lot like Lost, where the climax at the end will be the final reveal of the mystery. Unfortunately, that can lead to a very disappointing ending filled with resolutions and lack of real tension.

Or, The Bone Church TV series could play out like a true horror film where the characters are picked off one by one until the main character figures out the mystery and manages to survive with two others.

The owners of Cedar Park are Chris Long and David Ayer. Long has worked King extensively in the past. Most recently he was the executive producer of Mr. Mercedes, another King adaptation. Ayer was in the director’s chair for Netflix’s Bright and Suicide Squad. Ayer will be writing and directing Bright 2 as well. Though critics would not call this a great track record, Bright was the most viewed movie on Netflix since its release.

As for King himself, he has seen quite a bit of success recently with The Dark Tower (starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey) and the reboot of It (starring Bill Skarsgård and Jaeden Lieberher). Other works currently in production in the famous author’s name are a Castle Rock series for Hulu and Doctor Sleep as the sequel to The Shining.

Do you think King’s poem could be stretched out into a TV series? How do you think it will turn out? Let us know in the comments below.

Source Deadline
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