Black Mirror Season 5 Coming Soon

Season 5 of Black Mirror has been confirmed, but Netflix has not revealed much more than that. Over at Twitter, there is a short video showing several screens on a wall, playing clips of each episode from previous seasons.A screenshot of the teaser trailer for Black Mirror season 5

The camera zooms out, showing more and more screens until flicker to a black loading screen. At the center is the iconic silver and blue circle, so often more threatening and ominous than any other loading screen should be.

If you have not gotten around to watching Black Mirror on Netflix yet, I highly recommend it. Though the fourth season was Brooker’s best work, there a plenty of gems in each season to be found.

Black Mirror is an anthology series that explores the possibilities and consequences of technology, both in positive and negative ways. Some, like Arkangel, can have quite a few advantages for new parents. As always, the cautionary lesson is that we mustn’t take such technology too far, to a point beyond where humans can handle it with grace.

That said, it would be nice if season 5 is better than season 4. For any fans of the show, it is rather clear that season 4 does not feel like a Black Mirror season. However, judging by this short teaser, I worry that Charlie Brooker is, in fact, attempting to unify the episodes of Black Mirror under one universe.

If Brooker had begun the series that way in season 1, I might be warmer to the idea. But he did not, he began the series making it clear that each episode was in its own universe. Until season 4, we only had the occasional Easter egg, never a full mention of the technologies in other episodes.

Nonetheless, let us hope that Brooker does something more with season 5 than he did with season 4. More episodes like Nosedive, White Bear, and Shut Up Dance would really bring the series to new heights.

What would you like to see in season 5? What kind of technology should at least of the episodes focus on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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