Nightflyers Exec Producer Leaves Over Creative Differences

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the executive producer of Nightflyers Daniel Cerone has “stepped away” from the project over creative differences. There are no other details on his departure, but Jeff Buhler is the one that will be replacing him. Buhler is also the scriptwriter for the adaptation and will be consulting with Terry Matalas (12 Monkeys).A screenshot of the 1987 film adaptation of Nightflyers

Nightflyers is an upcoming TV series from Syfy, adapted from the short novel by George R.R. Martin. Originally published in 1980, the novella was soon adapted into a film in 1987 by the same name. Directed by Robert Collector (Believe In Me), the film was met with lukewarm reviews at best. Some, like the New York Times, blamed the scriptwriter Robert Jaffe who “left too little to the imagination.”

The new TV series will be adapted from Jaffe’s script. Hopefully, the TV series will fare better in reviews than the film did. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter’s sources state that Nightflyers “is the most expensive drama the NBC has ever developed.” As such, NBC is getting help from Netflix (as co-producer) and the Irish Film Board (as the film is produced in Ireland).

The Nightflyers TV series will star Phillip Rhys (Doctor Who), Miranda Raison (My Week With Marilyn), and Gwynne McElveen (Circle of Friends). Though Martin is credited as a producer, The Hollywood Reporter states that “he is not expected to have a heavy hand in Nightflyers” while he is working on four new projects for HBO.

The show will center around eight scientists and a telepath who join an expedition to the edge of the solar system. They board a ship called The Nightflyer, joined by the operating crew and captain. The scientists hope to find alien life, but the journey begins to have its troubles. Certain events lead all members of the expedition and crew to question each other.

Nightflyers does not have a release date yet.

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