7 Classical TV Series Available on Netflix to Watch

Netflix is the place to be whenever you’re looking for new TV series to watch. We know what to choose and where to pick them from. How about a change today? Grab some popcorn and let’s dig into some classical TV series you can watch now on Netflix.classical tv series

Besides fresh series that make us wait for every episode and those original impressive shows, there are some classical TV series that have inspired and entertained generations – maybe even the childhood version of you. It’s time to discover more of what the amazing network has to offer.

Breaking Bad (2008)

We have decided to begin our list with an almost fresh, but high-rated TV series. Breaking Bad scores an impressive 9.5 rating on IMDb after 1,00,870 reviews up to this date. Now that Better Call Saul is on, you can catch a glimpse on the action by binging this 5-season (62 episodes) series. You can find out more about the connection between the two series and their streaming status on Netflix Guides.

Walter is a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer. To distract his attention from the disease, he starts manufacturing and selling methamphetamine. He befriends a student, gets into trouble and what he expected starts to happen – his life changes completely.

Cheers (1982)

Do the TV series which include bars sound familiar? They all started with a classical TV show which shows regular clients of the Boston Cheers bar who share their experience while drinking and working there. The series scores 7.5 stars on IMDb after 39,556 user reviews. The 11 seasons (271 episodes) might take some time, but they will bring smiles and laughter.

Kristie Alley and Woody Harrelson are among the nine stars of the show. It has romance, drama and lots of comedy. The show even won four Outstanding Comedy Series awards, thanks to its sophisticated humor.

Fawlty Towers (1975)

Do you have a day off and plan to spend it laughing and streaming classical TV shows? Faulty Towers is a surprising 2-season (12 episodes) comedy. Each one of them lasts for 30 minutes. This was enough to earn the series 8.8 IMDb stars thanks to 70,090 reviews.

Basil Fawlty is an incompetent hotel owner who stands out for being arrogant and…faulty. The two seasons were first aired four years apart. The sitcom reveals how life goes in a British hotel when even manners become an issue.

The Twilight Zone (1959)

The Twilight Zone is an extraordinary series – even when it comes to its plot. It has 5 seasons (156 episodes) and an IMDb rating of 9.0 after 53,953 reviews. Rod Sterling, the lead actor from the series, has won plenty of awards for his performance.

This is also considered to be the first science fiction series for adults. It discusses technology, space travel, aliens, the depths of the human psyche and much more. The series might even qualify as horror, if you consider its black-and-white screening.

The Civil War (1990)

As nerdy as you might be, you should see this documentary before any Marvel movie named Civil War. The 9-episodes history series has a 9.1 IMDb rating out of 8,864 user reviews. The series is a must-see whenever you have 11 hours and 20 minutes available. Even historians have vouched for such a TV screening of a milestone from the American history.

The docuseries has no aesthetic influence and still managed to attract millions of viewers when it was first aired on 1990. The Ken Burns series uses well known actors at the time who give voice to documents.

Freaks and Geeks (1999)

You cannot think you saw enough classical TV series until you streamed this one-season (18 episodes) sitcom. The comedy – drama show has ranked 8.8 stars on IMDb due to 110,607 user reviews and even won a Primetime Emmy Award.

This is a high school show about a mathlete who befriends a group of suspicious students. Meanwhile, her younger brother is close to beginning his freshman year. The series set the tone for high school-themed movies and changed the game into a funny one.


Futurama (1999)

Before many of the animations aired today there was Futurama. Scoring 8.5 IMDb stars from 180,519 reviews, the series has 7 hilarious seasons (124 episodes). It began by being underrated and then viewers discovered a fresh and relaxing classical TV series. This satire focuses on futuristic daily life and media, occasionally spicing up with emotional moments.

A pizza guy gets frozen accidentally and wakes up in 2999. Then, the comedic situations begin. Futurama was mad by the same Simpsons producer. However, the show differs by having both individual episodes and continuity. Futurama is now a highly appreciated comedy series.

Keeping Up to Date with Classical TV Series

Netflix changes its streaming offer every month. The above list consists of some of the most appreciated classical TV series of all time. You may recognize some of them and might even seen a few. There are also other classical TV series such as the 70s, Twin Peaks, The X-Files and Beverly Hills. Friends has recently been added to the streaming platform and enjoys success.

If the above list sounds tempting, make a list, find some time and stream the episodes. They are available now and have high ratings. But who knows when Netflix releases a new update list which includes them on its dark side?

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