Titans Trailer Goes Dark for the Sake of Going Dark

Let the flood of San-Diego Comic Con news begin. This morning, DC dropped their first Titans trailer which will be exclusive to DC’s upcoming DC Universe platform. And when the trailer starts off by saying the following clip is for mature audiences, they aren’t kidding.

The Titans trailer starts off with Raven meeting with Dick Grayson. “Everything has led me here, to you” she says. She then calls him out for being “the boy from the circus.” Grayson’s face drops.

There’s a quick clip of the Flying Grayson tragedy before we then cut to Robin taking on a gang of thugs in the streets. It’s here that the Mature nature of the upcoming show really comes into play. Robin brutally dispatches his foes. Breaking necks and turning their own guns against them. One of them has the gall to shout “Where’s Batman?” To which Robin replies, “Fuck Batman.”

It’s jarring, and really seems completely out of place for the character of Dick Grayson. Sure, this is a whole new television universe for the character to develop within. But the team behind this series is going to have to provide a really compelling backstory for the Batman and Robin duo to make that kind of line seem authentic.

We then see a glimpse of Raven going fully demonic, and a quick shot of Beast Boy and Starfire wielding some of their powers. There’s a quick shot of Cyborg in there as well, but the real focal point of the trailer appears to be just how brutal and dark the tone is going to be. It also looks as though the Robin/Raven relationship could be a leading plot line, with the former attempting to guide the latter through her demonic tendencies.

If the Titans trailer got you excited for DC’s Universe service, you can pre-order an annual membership for $74.99 and get an additional 3 months for free. You’ll also be entered for a chance to win 2 tickets to the U.S. premiere of Aquaman later this year. Once Universe rolls out, membership will be $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year.

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