Jack Ryan Season 1 Trailer Looks Fantastic

It’s clear by watching Amazon’s Jack Ryan Season 1 trailer that this is not the Jack Ryan fans may be accustomed to. But he’s still bad ass nonetheless.

With this incarnation being set within the world of television, Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland took the character back to the beginning. This Jack Ryan isn’t some action hero. At least not at the series’ off set.

Ryan is officially a “State Department Supply Chain Logistician”. As such, the character “works behind desks and writes reports.” “Boring” as Ryan describes it. That is until a government helicopter picks up Dr. Ryan at a party and ushers him off for urgent military business.

Jack Ryan has been following a terrorist cell that seems increasingly poised to strike. And with Ryan being the man most closely monitoring the cell, he’s also tasked with going in live. A situation in which he’s never ventured before.

This isn’t the Jack Ryan that has years of hand-to-hand combat under his belt across 21 Tom Clancy novels or 5 feature films. This is John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan. A man that has no idea what the he’s doing but is sure as hell going to find a way to make it out alive.

This take on a green version of the character is refreshing actually. The Jack Ryan Season 1 trailer doesn’t showcase a man proficient in action. He’s not Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne or Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. Krasinski’s Ryan is a man smart on his feet, just trying to stay a step ahead of those that wish him dead.

It’s clear that Amazon has confidence already in the show and Krasinski’s take on the character. Before the first season even premiered the studio officially announced that Season 2 was a go as well. So when Jack Ryan debuts on Amazon on August 31st, know that we have another entire season coming in 2019 too.

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