True Detective Season 3 Trailer Explores the Show’s 3 Time Periods

We’re just over 2 months away from HBO’s True Detective returning to television. Nic Pizzolatto, writer and showrunner of the series, is hoping to re-earn the critical acclaim awarded for his efforts in Season 1. And after seeing HBO’s first full True Detective Season 3 trailer, we have reason to be hopeful.

Just like Season 1 of the show, Season 3 will take place across multiple time periods. The True Detective Season 3 trailer switches frequently between a young, middle-aged, and an elderly version of Mahershala Ali’s character, Detective Wayne Hays.

The True Detective Season 3 trailer shows the crux of the show. The new season tracks the disappearance and investigation of 2 boys from their home in the Ozarks of Alabama. The case apparently went cold and unsolved, because we portions of the show featuring Hays as an elderly man, he laments about his inability to successful close the investigation.

Within the new trailer the primary focus is on Mahershala Ali’s Hays, but we do see a bit of his partner Roland West who is being played by Stephen Dorff. We also get to see a bit of Mamie Gummer and Scoot McNairy as one of the missing boy’s parents, and the irreparable damage the tragic situation has caused their family.

But again, the focus is on Ali’s Hays. And I think the True Detective Season 3 trailer is teasing us on some potential shenanigans at play in the show’s newest outing. It seems likely that the elderly version of Hays is suffering from mental instability. Severe memory degradation and the appearance of people that aren’t actually there could be plot devices to keep twists and turns coming. That’s just speculation though, we’ll find out for sure when the new season begins airing on HBO January 13th.

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