New True Detective Season 3 Trailer Confirms an Original Theory

After giving us our first full look at the show’s return just over a month ago, HBO is back with a  new True Detective Season 3 trailer. And now more than ever we see how the show’s lead in Mahershala Ali’s Wayne Hays  will lead the series’ three distinct time periods.

It’s been hinted at since the first teaser, and then even more so in the show’s first full trailer, that Ali’s Hays will prove to have substantial memory issues develop as his character enters his latter years of life. The crux of Season 3 revolves around the show’s two missing children. A case that clearly isn’t solved for decades after the events transpired.

Within today’s new True Detective Season 3 trailer, we hear Hays state “My whole brain is a bunch of missing pieces.” Thus lending more credence to our theory on the elderly form of the character. As new detectives take on the case after Hays’ retirement, they look to elderly character for assistance. It’s entirely possible that Hays becomes an unreliable narrator of sorts for the show, which could lend itself towards twists and turns as the story matures.

We finally get to see a decent bit of Stephen Dorf’s Roland West in the new True Detective Season 3 trailer. We also get to finally see some backstory on Carmen Ejogo’s Amelia Reardon. A love interest to Hays, she also appears to have some self interest in the missing children’s case as an author. Hays calls her out once he discovers this fact, stating that she uses people for her own motives.

There’s still a ton we don’t know about the next season of the crime drama. But this new True Detective Season 3 trailer has us more hyped than ever. We don’t have terribly long to wait before we see whether the show returns to form. The Season 3 premiere airs on HBO Sunday, January 13th.

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