Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Trailer Flips the Franchise on its Head

If you heard about Netflix bringing us a new Carmen Sandiego series and thought to yourself “why?”. Well, all you have to do is checkout the Carmen Sandiego trailer below and those questions should be answered. She’s bad ass, that’s why.

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego trailer does a fantastic job showcasing why this installment in the franchise will be unlike any other before. With a beautiful animation style, the show will follow the titular character as she travels around the globe in an effort thwart the V.I.L.E..

Carmen knows the V.I.L.E. quite well, as she was raised by them and learned through the agency the ways of a thief. Eventually, Carmen realized that through her various thefts she was hurting innocent individuals. Thus, she made it her purpose instead turn the tides on the V.I.L.E. Corporation and only steal from them in an attempt to stop their evil deeds.

You might recognize the voice of Gina Rodriguez in the Carmen Sandiego trailer. She’s been tapped to play the iconic character across the twenty 22 minute episodes that Netflix has already ordered. Also attached to the project is Finn Wolfhard in the role of Player. You’ll know Finn from his role as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things and as Richie Tolzier in It.

As confirmed in the Carmen Sandiego trailer, the show will begin streaming on Netflix as of January 18th. However, that’s apparently not all that the studio has up their sleeves. There’s also reportedly a live-action series that Netflix commissioned back in March of 2018 that will star Gina Rodriguez in the role as well. With how well the animated series looks to be turning out, high expectations could also be set for Netflix’s live-action rendition. WHEN that Carmen Sandiego will turn up, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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