Netflix’s Chambers Trailer Makes Us Want Off the Donor List

Netflix began getting horror fans hyped earlier this month when they provided a release date and a synopsis for their upcoming series, Chambers. Well, crank that hype-o-meter to 11, because today’s first Chambers trailer delivers.

The series is led by acting newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose as Sasha Yazzie. The teenage girl suffers a freak heart attack, and receives a donor heart which saves her young life. That donor heart came from Lilliya Reid’s character, Becky Lefevre, though it’s not clear how she passes.

Sasha is now linked to Becky’s family due to Sasha now having her heart. Becky’s mother, Nancy Lefevre, is played by Uma Thurman. Her husband, Ben Lefevre, is played by Tony Goldwyn. We hear Ben explain at one point that they’ve created a scholarship in Becky’s name that they would like to offer Sasha. Everything is great! – as ominous trailer music continues to play.

We don’t have to get much deeper into the Chambers trailer before we realize there’s some sinister shit going on within the Lefevre family. Sasha is “haunted by eerie visions and sinister impulses” following the heart transplant. And the show will see the character try “to unmask the truth behind her donor’s mysterious death.”

During the Chambers trailer, we hear Sasha complain that “I’m seeing things. Things that she saw,” referring to Becky. There are a bunch of quick cuts showing us disturbing things coming from the Lefevre household. And Sasha continually sees Becky’s face emerging in various places.

The Chambers trailer ends with Sasha’s father Frank, played by Marcus LaVoi, telling his daughter that “I think that one day, we’re going to look back and realize that this whole heart attack thing was the best thing that ever happened to you.” Sure, pops. Sure.

Chambers’ 10 episode season begins streaming on Netflix April 26th. If you’re big into horror, checkout all the other horror projects headed our way here.

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