New The Society Trailer is All About Power

In Netflix’s first The Society trailer, we’re introduced to a group of teens that have someone been sent to another universe/dimension that has seemingly isolated them from the rest of the world. After there was initial enthusiasm from the young adults, things soon turned dire when the consequences of lawlessness emerged. And now in today’s new The Society trailer, we see what happens as the power struggle begins amongst the group.

The Society’s plot synopsis indicates that it “follows a group of teenagers who are mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their wealthy New England town without any trace of their parents. Their newfound freedom will be fun… but it will also be very dangerous.  As they struggle to figure out what has happened to them and how to get home, they must establish order and form alliances if they want to survive.”

This appears to be exactly what’s on display in this new The Society trailer. It’s been six months since the teens have been isolated amongst themselves.

We see the election of a “Queen”, and then a ploy beginning to emerge to overthrow the elected leader. It seems like it’s a group of jocks that are looking to take her down, with one them stating “we’re not going to ask for power. We’re going to take it.”

It’s hard to tell who is on who’s side though in the new The Society trailer. Threats are made. Pain is inflicted. Guns are drawn. But who is actually threatening and plotting on who will have to be reserved until the show lands on Netflix next month.

Executive produced by Marc Webb and Chris Keyser, The Society will consist of 10 episodes running an hour long each. Keyser is showrunner of the series. It’s slated to begin streaming on Netflix in just a couple of weeks on May 10th.

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