Netflix Sci-Fi Drama Away to Be Led by Hilary Swank

Apparently Netflix and two-time Academy Award winning Hilary Swank have become quite buddy-buddy of late. The duo are teaming up on another sci-fi project that the studio announced last year. Entitled Away, the series will be led by Swank who will also executive produce.

Other Executive Producers on Away including Matt Reeves, Adam Kassan, Michelle Lee and Jeni Mulein. Reeves is likely a name you recognize from his directorial work on Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes. Reeves is also writing and directing The Batman which should be arriving for Warner Bros. and DC sometime in 2021.

Revealed nearly a year ago, Away “centers on Emma Green, an American astronaut who must leave her husband and teenage daughter behind to command an international space crew embarking upon a treacherous mission. It is a series about hope, humanity and how we need one another if we are to achieve impossible things.”

Jessica Goldberg is the showrunner for the series. She’ll also write and executive produce. Andrew Hinderaker is also credited as an executive producer and will write the first episode of the series which Ed Zwick, also an executive producer, will direct. Jason Katims is also credited as a writer and executive producer for the show.

Earlier today, Netflix released a trailer for another sci-fi project featuring Swank in I Am Mother. It doesn’t appear that I Am Mother and Away are related in any way, but the timing of the Swanks casting in the latter alongside the former’s trailer reveal is curious.

It seems like Netflix’s cup is running over with tons of exciting projects in the works. You can find all our coverage on the streaming behemoth right here. Or if you’re looking for sci-fi projects specifically, we have a wide assortment of coverage for you there too.

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