Final Swamp Thing Trailer Sets a Horrific Tone

Swamp Thing is the next DC Universe exclusive with a release date set for later this week. Today, the streaming service published their final Swamp Thing trailer, teasing fans with an intriguing last look at the show before its debut.

We received our first look at footage from the show just about a month ago, but this final Swamp Thing trailer does a much more thorough job of setting the stage. There’s some form of epidemic running through Houma, Louisiana. Crystal Reed’s Abby Arcane is from Houma and now works for the CDC. The story sees her returning to her hometown in an effort to save it from whatever this disease is.

It becomes clear within this final Swamp Thing trailer that the swamp itself has become a dumping ground for everything from hazardous waste to murdered bodies. This eventually leads to the creation of the Swamp Thing itself. Real name Alec Holland, the character is portrayed by Andy Bean in human form and Derek Mears after his transformation.

The tone of the final Swamp Thing trailer is what really excites though. This series is going to be dark, but in a way that seems earned. This swampy locale is rife with those of bad intent. The swamp itself feels like a character of its own that has had enough and is ready to fight back.

The series is executive producer by James Wan and Gary Dauberman (part of the team behind The Conjuring universe), so there’s some real horror veterans on board. Dauberman co-wrote and runs the series with fellow showrunner Mark Verheiden.

Collider has one of the first reviews of the show’s initial two episodes. Vinnie Mancuso writes that Swamp Thing is “a triumph on pretty much every level”. He goes on to say that the show is “a nasty, gleefully disturbing bit of body horror on the Louisiana bayou that evokes everything from John Carpenter‘s The Thing to executive-producer James Wan‘s work with the Trench in Aquaman.”

We’ll find out for ourselves in a few days just how good the series ends up being. Swamp Thing releases on DC Ultimate May 31st.

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