Marvel Animation Working On Rocket and Groot Series

Marvel AnimationMarvel Animation looks to be hard at work on not one, but two new animated short series. Both an Ant-Man and Rocket and Groot series are in the works.

Accordiong to Gizmodo, The two projects will be made in France due to the country’s tax rebates on animation work. Both series from Marvel Animation are being helmed by French filmmakers.

Ant-Man will be worked on by Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach. As you can see below, the pair share a really interesting, yet retro art style that looks like it could be perfect for the miniature hero. If this compilation of their work is any indication of the final product from Marvel Animation, we are in for a treat.Additionally, a Rocket and Groot series will be directed by Arnaud Delord. While his previous experience is mainly with music videos, there is a certain visual quirkiness to them that could translate very well to animation. With a talking racoon and walking tree pairing up, quirkiness is necessary.

Animated projects heading to France for the tax breaks is not a new thing. Currently, DreamWorks is there working on Captain Underpants, the upcoming adaptation of the popular children’s book series.

We have high expectations for these new projects coming from Marvel Animation. If they are half as good as we hope they are, then we’re gonna have a grand ol’ time.[irp posts=”11302″ name=”Top 10 Marvel TV Series or Movies We Want to See”]

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