Son of Zorn Casts Nick Offerman as Animated Doctor

son of zornSon of Zorn has added another new animated character. Nick Offerman will be offering his voice to a cave-dwelling friend from the land of Zephyria.

For the unaware, Son of Zorn combines the worlds of live-action and animation. The show stars the cartoon barbarian Zorn (Jason Sudeikis) who has returned to his home in the suburbs. His hopes are to rekindle what he has lost with his live-action family after being away for a full decade.

Zorn won’t be the only animated character to make an appearance. According to IGNSon of Zorn will also feature a number of his friends from Zephyria throughout the season.

One such character is a cave-dwelling doctor named Klorpins voiced by Nick Offerman. This will be a recurring character and actor Tim Meadows even describes him as one of his favorites in the series.

“One that makes me laugh is a recurring character on the show, Dr. Klorpins, who is a doctor in Zephyria,” he said. “Dr. Klorpins is my favorite Zephyrian. … He is so funny. We [the characters] talk to him on Facetime. It’s a combination of our world, our technology, but they also have it too.”

“The thing about the show is it’s obviously about more than a fish-out-of-water funny barbarian in the real world. It’s about real stuff,” explained producer Chris Miller. “It’s an interesting way to talk about divorce and traditional families and a lot of small, emotional things that feel like they’re relatable and grounded. It just happens to be through a kind of ridiculous lens.”

“It’s fun to watch this guy use a stapler. Boring things are super exciting because it’s him doing it,” added co-Producer Phil Lord. “The fact that it’s a hybrid should be the story. It shouldn’t just be a gimmick. It should lend itself to an emotional or relationship problem. … We actually tried to make it about something.”

We honestly find Son of Zorn very refreshing and can’t wait for its September 25th release on FOX. For more on the show in the coming months, you can be sure we’ll have the up-to-date news.

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