Stranger Things: Do We Actually Want a Season 2?

Stranger Things Season 2Let me first get this out of the way: Netflix’s new Stranger Things series is absolutely brilliant. There’s a lot to love about its first season, as it basically serves as an ode to ’80s sci-fi — the best decade for the genre. It’s filled with pop culture references, great acting, and an intriguing story. But after finishing the series on Netflix last night, I’m left wondering: do we really want to see a Stranger Things Season 2 get the green light?

It’s not that its first season wasn’t good and worthy of more; again, it’s a must-watch bit of sci-fi goodness that we recommend you don’t skip — something we haven’t seen in quite some time. The issue isn’t whether or not we love the series, or whether it’s worthy of a second season. However, we’re worried about what a season 2 would be like, and we’d hate for something to damage how we feel about the series right now.

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Look at all of the TV series that were ruined by a second season (off the top of my head: True DetectiveHeroes, and The Killing come to mind). The first seasons of each of those shows were incredible, and fans wanted more. But when they got more, it wasn’t nearly as good, and our thoughts on each of them soured quickly.

stranger things season 2

Sci-fi is an especially finicky genre, where the slightest misstep into the “too weird” territory could ruin the show entirely. The worry is that a Stranger Things season 2 could veer off into the wrong direction, and we’d have that glorious first season tarnished. Also, many of the ideas contained within its first season have diminishing returns. In season 2, some of the mystery of the Upside Down and the story’s intrigue would be gone, simply because we already know where this monster lived, and it isn’t too hard to conceive that there would be more monsters in that massive alternate universe.

Admittedly, there are some questions left unanswered that we’d hope to get an answer to with a Season 2, one of which was created by the epilogue. For example, how did Eleven originally get her powers (was it drug tests/experiments)? Will Will Byers turn into a new version of the Demogorgon, or is he just a host for new younglings? Will there be other monsters?

I’m not saying with 100% confidence that we shouldn’t get a second season, and if it did get another go, we’d be tuning in here at Nerd Much. But, are we the only ones concerned that it wouldn’t work as well a second time around? If we were to be given another season, here’s to hoping that it wouldn’t be just a rehash of the ideas from its first.

Sound off in the comments below — we’d love to hear your thoughts. Go ahead, tell me I’m crazy. It’s cool.

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