FXX Animation to Expand “Aggressively”

fxx animationFXX animation is about to get a big push according to FX CEO John Landgraf. Don’t worry though, live-action comedies aren’t going anywhere.

Currently, FXX is home to live-action comedies like You’re the WorstIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Man Seeking Woman. Despite all these shows being highly reviewed, the channel still gets the most attention when it focuses on animation.

Two years ago, FXX animation included a 12-day non-stop marathon of The Simpsons. Next year, Archer is expected to move to FXX for Season 8. According IGN, Landgraf is pushing to have FXX animation “aggressively” expand its reach.

“That isn’t to say we’re getting out of the live action business, because we’re going to keep making and premiering and putting live action shows — You’re the Worst, Sunny and Man Seeking Woman, and there will be others. I think one of the things I’m excited about is having a laboratory where we can take new, really big shots,” says Landgraf. “I think some of the most exciting, vibrant, anarchic work is being done in the short form and animated.”

Specifically, Landgraf mentions Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty as the type of animation he wants on FXX. “I think its one of the best shows anyone’s put on the air recently.”

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