Stranger Things Season 2 Details Emerge from Creators

stranger things season 2 detailsStranger Things Season 2 details have recently emerged thanks to an interview with the Duffer brothers. Now if only Netflix would order it.

Before you continue with this article, we highly suggest you stop and make sure you’ve seen all of Season 1 first. Stranger Things truly is a phenomenal show that shouldn’t be spoiled. If you’re still with us, just be aware that SPOILERS follow.

In a conversation with IGN, the Duffer revealed Stranger Things Season 2 details including how it will take place in 1984 and feature a different tone. “Ghostbusters just came out, Temple of Doom, Karate Kid, Gremlins – it was an awesome year for cinema, so we’re trying, hopefully, to capture a little bit of the magic of those films.” says Matt Duffer. “Something like Temple of Doom – I actually really love Temple of Doom, I love that it gets a little darker and weirder from Raiders, I like that it feels very different than Raiders did.”

For fans of Barb from the first season, you should be happy to know that she won’t be forgotten. “People get very frustrated, understandably, that the town doesn’t seem to really be dealing with Barb,” continues Matt. “That stuff is all happening, we’re just not spending any screen time on it.

Lastly, if you were worried that this show was going to be ending anytime soon, you can rest easy. While it probably won’t be a long-running show, there will definitely be more than two seasons. “We’re still figuring it out to be honest – how much time we need,” says Matt. “I don’t imagine it being a long, long series. It’s impossible for me to imagine a six or seven season series. I feel like we have a story we want to tell. We have an ending that we want to get to and I guess the question is just how long to we need to get there.”

We’re certainly eager about these Stranger Things Season 2 details. It isn’t often that a show has such charm, but when it does, we always wish the best.

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