Bob’s Burgers Creators Making New Comedy Set in Antarctica

bob's burgersThe Bob’s Burgers duo is currently developing a new office comedy that will take place in Antarctica. Things are about to get chilly in a good way.

According to Deadline, the show was purchased by NBC and is being created by the Bob’s Burgers writers-producers Steven Davis and Kelvin Yu. The untitled single-camera show will follow Nora, a young researcher who has made her way to the harsh land of Antarctica with big plans. Now she will need a different set of skills to work with the eccentric people living and working in this office in the middle of nowhere.

The duo has been with Bob’s Burgers since the series’ first season. Starting as writers, the pair continued to grow into supervising producers. You may also recognize Yu from the hit Netflix comedy series Master of None.

We wish we knew more about this upcoming comedy, but we like what we’ve heard so far. The scenario seem so perfect that we are actually surprised no one had thought of it earlier. With the success of office shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation, we hope that this one lives up to the genre and makes it its own. As soon as we know more, you can be sure we’ll be the first to let you know.

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