Counterpart Series Casts Olivia Williams and Harry Lloyd

counterpart seriesThe Counterpart series has finally seen more development after more than a year in hiatus. With the cast finally taking shape, the series is looking even more promising.

In April of 2015, the Counterpart series announced that J.K. Simmons would be playing a lead role in the upcoming sci-fi thriller. According to Deadline, we are finally getting some additional news. Starring opposite Simmons are Olivia Williams and Harry Lloyd.

Previously Counterpart was described as an espionage thriller with a sci-fi spin. It centers around Howard Silk (Simmons), a simple worker in a bureaucratic agency. After discovering that the agency is guarding a doorway to a parallel dimension, Howard interacts with his parallel counterpart in a series about identity, what-ifs, and past loves.

Williams has been cast as Emily Burton Silk, Howard’s wife. Her secrets form the framework of the first season’s story. Meanwhile, Lloyd plays Peter Quayle, a director at the agency. So far, his career path had been meticulously crafted. As he dives int the world of espionage, his career begins to unravel.

Starz already ordered two 10-episode seasons back in 2015. With plenty of time to pen the script, we can expect a tight, well-crafted story as the Counterpart series moves forward. We suggest you keep an eye on this one.

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