Purge TV Show Now in Early Stages of Development

Purge TV show is currently in the early stages of development. The news comes way of an interview with writer and director James DeMonaco.

In an interview between Cinema Blend and DeMonaco about the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Purge: Election Year, the possibility of a Purge TV show was brought up.

DeMonaco describes the upcoming show as, “Not an anthology… I guess kind of an anthology — more of an interwoven anthology. They came to me about a TV show, my idea is that you do six or seven storylines. And I would kind of intercut them, use flashbacks.”

We understand the director’s excitement as a TV series might better fit the franchise. “The idea of why I like the idea of a maybe 10 hour TV thing on this, the one thing you really can’t do on the films is, just because of mere real estate and time, is you can’t get into the nuance and complexity that would drive someone to commit a terrible act on this night,” says DeMonaco. “If you start on Purge Night but you go back to show how people have gotten to where they are… It will be interesting to show those arcs, those dramatic and complex arcs that get people to where they pick up a gun or a knife and kill someone else.”

A lot of thought has definitely gone into a Purge TV show. With all this going through DeMonaco’s head, it should come as no surprise that development is indeed moving quickly. He confirms that they are currently working on deals and that we should expect some news within the next year.

We always thought that The Purge movies offered an interesting concept. a single movie hasn’t given us a chance to look at the “bad guys” as anything but. We are excited to dive into their backstories and really flesh out the concept.

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