Dead Mann Walking TV Series Announced by CBS

dead mann walking tv seriesCBS has announced that the company will develop a Dead Mann Walking TV series based on the zombie book best-seller of the same name.

The network will team up with Continuum‘s Simon Barry to adapt the novel, which was written by Stefan Petrucha. The drama is set in the neat future, and follows a police detective who had been wrongly executed for murdering his wife and is brought back to life after taking a miracle drug, reviving himself as a “second-class citizen.” He begins working as a private investigator while looking for the real killer of his wife.

The book doesn’t come right out and say that the revived citizens are “zombies,” but it describes the leading character, Hessius Mann, as being one of the town’s “pulse-challenged” citizens.

This is Simon Barry’s next big TV series, following the cancellation of the (in our opinion) excellent show, Continuum.

Of course, zombie TV shows are all the rage right now, with iZombie being a new hit and The Walking Dead continuing to dominate TV. People might scoff at the idea of yet another zombie anything, but we embrace it.

Stay tuned to Nerd Much for the latest on the Dead Mann Walking TV series, as we’re going to follow this one closely.

[via THR]

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