The Walking Dead Casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan NeganAfter an extensive search, The Walking Dead has brilliantly cast its Negan, the next major villain to be introduced later in season 6.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is best known to us from Watchmen and Supernatural, will play the foul-mouthed, iconic role of the comic book’s greatest villain. According to THR, Negan will make his first appearance in the season six finale.

Negan is still alive in the comic book series, but he’s definitely made a mark on Rick and the gang, most notably when he destroyed Glenn’s skull with a barbed-wired baseball bat, which he named Lucille. With Glenn’s death earlier this season being apparent, it’s doubtful that we’ll see the scene make its way to the TV series. However, Daryl is still out there alone in the woods trying to make his way back to his group, so I’m wondering if it’s possible that Daryl takes Glenn’s place, and falls victim to Negan’s Lucille during the season six finale. Hmm…

We’ll have to wait to find out exactly who falls to Lucille, but we know damn well that AMC would be fools to not introduce such an iconic weapon into the television series. It’s likely that Negan is going to be introduced in the season six finale with some major revelation, so it’s likely that someone is going to die by his bat. For now, let’s all appreciate the fact that the AMC continues its incredible casting by adding Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan.

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