Unfollow TV Series Announced Based on Vertigo Comic

unfollow tv seriesABC has announced that an Unfollow TV series has been put into the works, and it will be written and executive produced by The Originals‘ Michael Narducci.

The new comic book TV adaptation will explore what happens when a secretive billionaire makes a global announcement (through the social media platform he invented) that he is terminally ill, and he’ll bestow his entire fortune to a seemingly random group of 140 people from around the globe. After one of those people turns up dead, the others become suspects and, possibly, victims.

The comic’s debut issue just hit shelves on November 4, 2015, so it’s probable that you haven’t checked it out just yet. It’s by Rob Williams, Michael Dowling and Matt Taylor under DC Comics’ Vertigo label. The first issue introduced us to a cast that includes a young black man trying to get by in St. Louis, an Iranian reporter in need of hope, and a thrill-seeking heiress.

Of course, it’s at least mildly interesting that the DC comic is heading to ABC, home of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter.

Stay tuned to Nerd Much for more on the Unfollow TV series as new information comes to light.

[via THR]

Buy Unfollow #1 here.

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