Happy! Syfy Series Casts Chris Meloni as the Male Lead

The Happy! Syfy series is starting to come together. Chris Meloni will be playing the lead character in the upcoming adaptation of the graphic novel.

happy! syfy seriesAccording to Deadline, Meloni has been cast as Nick Sax, an ex-detective who lost everything. Now he’s a killer-for-hire, making just enough for the booze and drugs he uses to keep his mind clear. When a hit goes wrong, he is relentlessly haunted by an overly positive, blue-winged horse.

If Happy! sounds crazy to you, you’re right. But that’s what brings the dark, brooding story its charm. Grant Morrison will act as writer and executive producer alongside Brian Taylor. Taylor will also be directing the series.

Meloni seems like perfect casting for the Happy! Syfy series. We already know he makes a great detective thanks to his many years on Law & Order: SVU. We also know that he has experience with more outlandish stories from his role in Wet Hot American Summer.

There is still a lot to nail down before production begins on the Happy Syfy series. We weren’t sure about the adaptation when it was first revealed, but the idea grows on us with each bite of news. We are crossing our fingers in hopes that these great decisions keep coming.

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