Rambo TV Series, Titled Rambo: New Blood, Coming to Fox

rambo tv seriesFox has closed a deal for the development rights to a Rambo TV series properly titled Rambo: New Blood, which will see Sylvester Stallone executive producing.

The Rambo TV series will circle around Rambo and his son, and according to reports, Stallone may even act in the project. Some sources are saying that Rambo would reprise his role as the renegade soldier, but there are also conflicting stories circling (so take the report with a grain of salt).

The series will be written by Jeb Stuart, who was notably responsible for Die Hard and The Fugitive (which is getting a sequel soon, by the way). The new series will be based on the action movies and will pay homage to them, allegedly exploring the complex relationship between Rambo and his son, J.R., an ex-Navy SEAL. Deadline’s report notes that Rambo would actually play a key role in the series, and wouldn’t just have a few appearances here and there. Instead, he’ll be in the spotlight.

Of course, this isn’t Rambo’s first venture into television, as the franchise made its first TV appearance with Rambo: The Force of Freedom, an animated Rambo series. It failed miserably, only lasting one season. Hopefully Rambo: New Blood will have more staying power, and if Stallone, himself, is to play the titular character, chances are it’ll catch on quickly.

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