Empire of the Dead TV Series Coming to AMC

According to Arthur Suydam, who creates the incredible covers for the comic, George Romero’s Empire of the Dead is being adapted into a TV series on AMC.

For those who thought The Walking Dead was the only zombie comic, Empire of the Dead takes place in New York City and offers another iconic look at the horror genre.  The comic takes many of its cues from George Romero’s original film Night of the Living Dead.

The report comes from ComicBook.com who caught the reveal during a brief video from a local news story. In the video, Suydam holds up a copy the comic and says, “This just got signed by AMC, so it’s going to be the next, big zombie series on AMC.”

This would mean that AMC now has three shows that focus on zombiesThe Walking Dead proved to be an incredible success with an average of 14.4 million viewers last season. This of course brought the spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead. Both have been signed on for at least one more season.

It was reported that early on in The Walking Dead, AMC and creator Robert Kirkman were interested Romero directing an episode, but Romero stated that he prefers not to work in somebody else’s world.

What do you think about another zombie series to watch on AMC?  Before you decide whether or not you’re interested, we highly recommend you check out the original comic books.

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