The Walking Dead Midseason Trailer Teases Big Moment

The Walking Dead Mid Season Premiere TrailerThe Walking Dead has become one of those event shows that has taken America by storm. Almost everyone watches it whether they are into the comics or not.

With just about a month and a half until the return of our favorite Sunday night pastime, it is exciting to see a midseason premiere trailer that teases such a big event.

Fans of the comic should immediately recognize what is going on, but for the sake of those who only watch the show, we’ll put the trailer in now so you don’t have to read any spoilers that might follow.

The television version of The Walking Dead, has been interesting to say the least. While it generally follows the story of the original comic series of the same name, it hasn’t been afraid to alter the details here and there. Because of this, the show has remained fresh for those who generally know what will eventually happen. They just don’t know how it will actually play out.

As we all know, the midseason finale ended with everyone covered in entrails and making their way through a herd of zombies. With Jessie’s son Sam starting to whine, this will very likely catch the zombies’ attention.

If the show were to draw similarities to the comics, this could result in a key moment where Carl gets grabbed by another character in an attempt to survive. If what we see in the teaser is what we think it is, Rick may very well be using that hatchet on whoever is grabbing his son.

In less than two months, we’ll get to see how everything plays out and who or what is on the receiving end of that hatchet. In the meantime, let the hype and speculation begin. You can also check out the best The Walking Dead Funko Pop figures on our list of the top 10.

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