The Walking Dead Casts Xander Berkeley in Major Role

The Walking Dead Casts Xander Berkeley in Major RoleThe Walking Dead has always encouraged theories and speculations about the show’s story and characters. Especially now, with the second half of season six fast approaching its premiere, fans are eager to know what to expect.

We already knew that Xander Berkeley was slated to join the cast this season, but thanks to TV Line, we now know more about his character.

If you wish to continue, please understand the risk of spoilers.

Those who read The Walking Dead comics should recognize the character’s name. For anyone hoping for another friendly face, you should know better by now.  Berkeley will be bringing Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop Colony, to life.

On the pages, he was a true coward and proved to be a monster towards Maggie and Rick. Not only does he betray everyone we’ve grown to love, but he even goes as far to poison himself.

Playing someone so unstable should be fun for Berkeley. While you may recognize his face from practically every show on TV, the older fans may recognize him from 1992’s Candyman or from 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

This is just another reason to be excited for The Walking Dead’s return on February 14th. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, some zombies, and a bag of popcorn.The Walking Dead Casts Xander Berkeley in Major Role Gregory

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