Teen Titans Drama Cancelled for TNT

Teen Titans DC Comics Drama Titans Cancelled for TNTEven in this renaissance of comic book-based TV shows and movies, it has become more surprising when an idea is cancelled. In a recent turn of events, TNT has decided not to continue with a live-action drama based on the Teen Titans comic.

The show was going to be called Titans and was previously ordered to pilot by the network. Back in May, TNT president Kevin Reilly originally told TV Line, “I think it’s going to end up being a very, very interesting offering.” Now Reilly is singing a different tune. “We decided it wasn’t where we wanted to go,” he said.

Titans was set to be written by Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman (Fringe). Besides being about the young group of superheroes, the show would center around Dick Grayson (Nightwing).

Previously, TNT’s strategy was for entertainment that could appeal to all age groups. Now the network is moving into darker and edgier fare.

We are sad that Titans is being cancelled, but with so many other superhero shows already available or coming out in 2016, we won’t have too much time to mourn. I’m sure we can all agree we would rather have the original Teen Titans cartoon make a comeback anyways. And before you say anything, Teen Titans Go does not count.

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