Altered Carbon Cyberpunk Series Ordered by Netflix

altered carbon Netflix creating altered carbon series sci-fi cyberpunk laeta kalogridis skydanceYet another Netflix original is on its way! This time, they are expanding into the sci-fi genre with a series based off Richard Morgan’s book Altered Carbon.

In a report from Deadline, the futuristic drama will be written and executive produced by Laeta Kalogridis of Avatar and Shutter Island fame. Skydance Television will be producing the 10-episode season.

For those who don’t already know, Altered Carbon is an award winning cyberpunk novel from 2002. It takes place in the 25th century and the technology exists to digitize the human mind and transfer the soul from one body to the next. The story centers around Takeshi Kovacs, an imprisoned elite interstellar warrior. He is struggling to solve a murder in a future where death is obsolete.

When interviewd, Kalogridis said, “Altered Carbon is one of the most seminal pieces of post-cyberpunk hard science fiction out there — a dark, complex noir story that challenges our ideas of what it means to be human when all information becomes encodable, including the human mind.”

With all the success Netflix has had with past shows, it is nice to see them continuing to expand their breadth. Hopefully Altered Carbon will see similar numbers as other big Netflix shows, therefore we can start seeing more and more.

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