WATCH: Second Riverdale Trailer Goes Deeper

With the second Riverdale trailer, the American small-town just got a little less perfect. Everything begins to crumble after the murder of Jason Blossom.

This second Riverdale trailer dives a little bit deeper into what will be going on in the series. As a mystery thriller, Riverdale will deal with dark secrets. Everything you thought you knew about Archie Comics will be turned on its head.

Originally, we were worried about a live-action adaptation of Archie, especially on The CW. Our opinions continued after the first trailer spent a lot of time on our favorite redhead’s abs. However, there is a shining light that keeps us excited. Penning the script is the same genius behind Afterlife with Archie. If you haven’t read Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s work, we highly suggest you change that.

It’s been proven that a darker take on Archie works. Not only that, it almost works better because of the series’ lighthearted nature. Fans who grew up with character can finally see behind the curtain, remove the rose-tinted glasses so to speak.

If you enjoyed the second Riverdale trailer, check out the season premiere on January 26 on The CW. We are hoping this series is another shining example of what the network can do with comic book adaptations.

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