Time After Time TV Series Will Take You Where H. G. Wells Never Did

From screenwriter Kevin Williamson comes Time After Time, a modern adaptation of the 1979 novel and film of the same name. The story centers around the famous H. G. Wells who in this sci-fi builds the time machine himself. After showcasing the device, Wells soon discovers that his friend is the infamous Jack the Ripper. Jack escapes through time and it’s up to Wells to pursue and capture him.

On top of that, the series fully explores the relationship between Wells (Freddie Stroma) and Jack the Ripper, real name John Stevenson (Josh Bowman). There is such apparent focus on these two that the show will only travel through time four times in the first 12 episodes. In addition, the show is going to incorporate more of H. G. Wells’ novels, as Williamson suggests at Time After Time‘s 2017 winter TV Critics Association press tour that “what we’re doing is basically telling the story of a young H.G. Wells, and while using the first episode as a launching point as we get into the other books of H.G. Wells — The Invisible Man, The Island of Doctor Moreau, and ultimately the War of the Worlds, and so forth. We sort of show the inspiration for all those books that he’s going to go back and write.”

The episodes will not be a direct adaptation, however, the point here, according to Williamson is to showcase through Wells and Stevenson the way people in the present are “ruled by technology and the little gadgets in our hand,” and how that “inspires the good and the bad in us.” As Stevenson is quoted in the trailer that he was a freak in his own time but in the modern times he blends right in. In comparison to Wells, who fumbles with his vision of good and what that means to the gun-wielding woman from Texas (Genesis Rodriguez as Jane).

This certainly sounds like an interesting exploration of H. G. Wells’ novels, adhering more to the themes and motifs of the classic sci-fi books. So write it down in your calendars, Time After Time premieres on March 5, 2017 on ABC television. What do you think of this new show? Will it be any good? Let us know in the comments below!

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