Preacher Series Casts Jackie Earle Haley in Key Role

Preacher Casts Jackie Earle Haley in Key Role AMC Odin QuincannonThe upcoming AMC show Preacher has cast yet another actor in an iconic role. Jackier Earle Haley has been selected to portray Odin Quincannon in a six-episode arc.

Preacher is based off of a 90’s Vertigo comic book series of the same name. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon created a story about Jess Custer, a tough Texas preacher. After losing his own faith, he learns that God has left heaven and forsaken his duties. Jesse is the only one able to track God down and hold him responsible for his actions. He is accompanied by Tulip O’Hare, his vampire ex-girlfriend.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Haley’s adaptation of Odin is as a small, frail man with an iron will big enough to make him the most powerful man in Annville County, Texas. He runs Quincannon Meat & Power, a family run cattle slaughterhouse that’s been operating for 125 years.

In the comic books, Odin is part of the local KKK branch and has tumorous run-ins with Jesse. Eventually, Jesse even discovers Odin having sex with a mannequin of meat products.

Previously, Haley portrayed Rorschach in the film adaptation of the Watchmen comics.

Preacher is slated to air this summer on AMC. We highly suggest taking a look at this unique tale. And for a truly incredible comic book experience, we recommend reading the original comic book form.

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