Geeking Out Talk Show: Kevin Smith Goes Late Night

geeking out talk showAMC just announced Kevin Smith will be getting his own late night TV show alongside actor Greg Humberg (Matt Parkman on Heroes).

Geeking Out, the working title, will premier this July with a special episode covering San Diego Comic Con, a fitting choice considering the show’s content. The season premier is scheduled to be followed by eight weekly episodes.

The press release notes that the 30-minute show will include discussions of pop culture, interviews, and out-of-studio segments. Basically, it will be a talk show geared towards nerds — we dig that. The announcement comes as no great surprise as Smith’s Comic Book Men is now on its fifth successful season on AMC (which you can watch online with a Sling TV account).

“Kevin and Greg are both true fans of this content, and share a deep passion for talking about it, and engaging other fans about it. But it is their natural chemistry as hosts that really brings this idea together,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming for AMC.

“And to make it more of a family affair, Geeking Out lets me work with the Weinsteins again – the two guys who started my career 22 years ago! I’m lucky to be working at all, let alone working with friends and family on a dream show where all we do is talk about all the media that makes us moist” says Smith.

Fans of Kevin Smith know that he loves talking, and he has a slew of successful podcasts. There is no doubt smith will be right in his element gabbing about the geekiest goings on on late night television.

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