FCC Moves Ahead With Competitive Unlock The Box Proposal

unlock the boxIn a surprising turn of events, the Federal Communications Commission has ruled in favor of the Unlock The Box proposal. This means that we no longer will have to run cable exclusively through the cable company’s cable box.

From now on, as long as you have an existing cable subscription, you can run the cable through devices such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Anroid TV, and Roku.

You may be wondering how this actually benefits you, the consumer. Basically, it means that you won’t have to pay the cable box rental fees that made cable so expensive. No longer will cable boxes be a monopoly. Instead, competition should begin to drive the price of cable down.

While this isn’t the outright end of cable, it certainly takes a big step as the industry has shifted away from traditional cable providers. With the Unlock The Box initiative, cable companies will have to evolve in this cord cutting society.

Since the introduction of streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Go, people have changed the way they consume media. Many of the premiere shows today are exclusive to these streaming services. And others like Sling TV allow you to get a more tailored cable experience at a fraction of the cost.

The FCC’s own chairman, Tom Wheeler, posted a tweet that reads, “Today, I am proud that the FCC has moved forward on a pro-competitive, Unlock The Box proposal.” We certainly are right there with him, and we are excited to see how things change next.

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