TVWhen is The Corpse Bride on TV & How to Stream

When is The Corpse Bride on TV & How to Stream

Ah, yes – The Corpse Bride  – another October favorite of ours here at Nerd Much?. Chances are if you’re reading this post regarding how to stream The Corpse Bride right now, you’re a big fan of it as well. It’s a MUST-WATCH every October at the Nerd Much? offices.

Luckily, if you’ve got cable or satellite TV that has the Freeform network included with your subscription, you can catch The Corpse Bride on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) a couple of times this October.

There are, of course, plenty of other ways to watch The Corpse Bride, too. Below, find out when The Corpse Bride is on TV and where you can stream it.

When is The Corpse Bride on TV?

Wondering when you can catch The Corpse Bride movie on TV this October? We’ve got you covered below.

Note: All times posted in EST.

  • Tuesday, October 8th: 1:00PM
  • Sunday, October 13th: 9:35AM
  • Thursday, October 17th: 5:15PM
  • Monday, October 21st: 11:00AM
  • Wednesday, October 30th: 12:00AM, 11:00AM

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Is The Corpse Bride on Netflix?

No, The Corpse Bride isn’t on Netflix in the U.S.

the corpse bride stream

How to Stream The Corpse Bride

As you can see above, The Corpse Bride doesn’t actually show in any of the primetime slots – which is a bummer, if you ask us. Luckily, you can find numerous ways to stream Corpse Bride below:


Amazon Prime Video

You can stream The Corpse Bride on Amazon Prime Video included with your subscription, or you can rent it for just $3.99, or you can buy the digital download Corpse Bride version to keep for $12.99.

Google Play

You can rent The Corpse Bride online via Google Play for $3.99 or you can buy the digital download for $9.99.


You can stream Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride on iTunes for $3.99 or buy it for $12.99 here.

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You can stream The Corpse Bride on Vudu for $3.99 or buy it in SD for $12.99.


You can rent Hocus Pocus right on YouTube for $2.99 here.


What is The Corpse Bride About, Exactly?

The Corpse Bride is a British-American stop-motion animated film set in the Victorian era in a European village. Here, the main character, Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot are getting ready for their arranged marriage. This marriage is crucial for both of their families since Victor’s family needs to raise their social class, and Victoria’s family needs money to restore their wealth. Both Victor and Victoria are worried about the arranged marriage, but quickly fall in love the moment they meet. During their rehearsal, Victor messes up his vows and runs to the forest to practice them in private.when is the corpse bride on tv

He puts the wedding ring on a tree branch to practice for the ceremony, but the branch turns out to be the finger of a deceased bride named Emily who was killed on the night she eloped with a stranger. Victor learns he is now married to this corpse bride after his accidental marriage ceremony and is swept off to the Land of the Dead. He must now figure out how to undo the marriage and get back to Victoria before it is too late and she is wed to another bachelor. This family-film is perfect for the Halloween season and for anyone who loves a little innocent romance.

Since this was an animated movie, the cast was chosen based on their voices, and not as much on their physique. Johnny Depp played Victor Van Dort, while Helena Bonham Carter played Emily the Corpse Bride, and Emily Watson played Victoria Everglot.

Tim Burton was one of the directors and one of the producers of The Corpse Bride, which explains the eerie and whimsical vibes that this movie has. This film is based on a 19th-century Russian folktale that was introduced to Tim Burton, and within 2 years The Corpse Bride was released. It was originally planned to be shot on film, but last-minute decisions led to digital still cameras being used with stop-motion animation to create the sets and scenes in the movie. The movie began production in 2003 and was finished and released in 2005.

The public response to this movie was overwhelmingly positive, especially for a stop-animation film. Some went on to describe it as whimsically macabre and emotionally bittersweet. It is the perfect spooky movie for the whole family, and has been a classic favorite among movie-lovers during the Halloween season.

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