Venom Sequel is Actually Happening


When Sony announced they were developing a Venom movie, many comic book movie fans collectively groaned. Sony’s recent attempts at films within their own Spider-Man universe proved underwhelming. And now they would create a film featuring Spider-Man’s most iconic villain without Spider-Man himself? Well, the joke is apparently on us doubters. Venom ended up killing it at the box office last year. So much so that Sony has reportedly greenlit a Venom sequel.

A Venom sequel was hinted at following the conclusion of the first movie. That symbiote origin story was penned by writer Kelly Marcel. And Variety is reporting that Marcel will return once again to script the sequel.

Sony recently claimed a box office spot within October 2020 for an unannounced project within their Spider-Man universe. It turns out that will be their Venom sequel, however the studio declined to officially comment.

The Venom sequel will see the return of Tom Hardy as the Eddie Brock and Venom combo. Michelle Williams is also expected to return. As is Woody Harrelson in the teased role of the sinister Carnage.

Sony was smart to slate the initial Venom movie with its release date of October 5th. With little competition, the heavily doubted film cleaned up. It ended up grossing $855 million worldwide. Making it a no brainer for Sony Pictures to get the ball rolling on a second installment.

Reuben Fleischer directed the first Venom movie. However, Fleischer will be busy with Zombieland 2 this year, so a new director will need to be brought on to fill his shoes. It’s also worth noting that Woody Harrelson is likely a major player within Zombieland 2. However, filming for the comedy zombie flick should wrap in the first half of the year. Making the actor presumably available for the Venom sequel later in 2019.

While fans of the Venom character are likely excited that a Venom sequel is on the way, the news continues to ensure that one of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains won’t be showing up within the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime in the next half decade at least. Whether that’s good news or bad news is up for interpretation.