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They just don’t make toys like they used to, right? Nowadays, it feels as though all toys have to have some STEM purpose of some sort, forcing your kids to learn while they play. Don’t get me wrong — there’s nothing wrong with that, and there are some truly great STEM toys out there, but sometimes, kids just need some good ole’ fashioned fun, without worrying about coding or calculations.

voltron 84

Playmates Toys introduced the Voltron Classic ’84 Legendary Lion Collection, which includes the Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Classic Legendary Lions as well as the Black Lion. But when they’re combined, they form the ultimate 16″ Classic Voltron Figure, with the Black Lion serving as the head and body of Voltron and then rest of the colorful lions serving as the arms and legs.

In order to assemble the super cool mega-size figure, you’ll need to purchase all of the lions separately. The Black Lion is $29.99, and the rest of the lions are $17.99. For those keeping score at home, that will cost you a total of $102. It might be a bit steep for your liking, but the result is undeniably awesome.

It’s fully articulated, and they each come with a few accessories like jaw blades and projectiles. Of course, you’ll also find Voltron’s sword included with the Red Lion, and the Green Lion includes Voltron’s shield. Dope.

You can purchase the Voltron classic lions set of 4 or separately. The black lion is only available separately.

Not only does the black lion light up and have its own phrases, but when you connect the other lions to it, it makes even more sounds. For example, when you snap in each of Voltron’s limbs, the Black Lion will react specifically to that limb. It’s a nice touch, and one that I wasn’t expecting.

These Playmates Voltron classic toys are available at Entertainment Earth.

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